Toro Aramide biography: pictures, husband, children

Toro Aramide biography: pictures, husband, children

May 17, 2021 0 By Nelson Mbeki

Toro Aramide (born in Nigeria) is a UK-based actress and producer. Though she is a newbie in the entertainment industry and has spent a few years already.

The actress has managed to remain relevant in the competitive industry.

The beautiful actress unlike many who are in the industry is not an outgoing type of woman.

The actress was born into a comfortable family which may play a role in shaping her into who she is today.

She stays indoors which she says has helped her avoid advances from men.

Personal Data

Toro Aramide biography
BornToro Aramide
Other namesTorolicious
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marital statusMarried
ProfessionActress and producer


Though the actress went professional in her acting career a few years ago, she began acting since she was a child.

Even as a child, she was confident that she could act very well without looking for help.

Her love for acting also started as a child and has even grown stronger now. She participated in stage plays to represent her school.

How it started

Acting has been was Toro has been passionate about for years now. Entering the industry was however challenging, her children were quite young at that time.

Toro knew that she possessed what it takes to make it in the industry and be one of the big names. She exercised patience for the right time and the connection.

After waiting for some years, she realized that the time was ripe for her to enter the industry.

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She conversed with Mercy Aigbe, a friend of hers, asking her if she was able to coordinate a script.


The actress went professional in her acting profession in 2019 after interpreting a major role in a film.

The first movie she produced is Ogoji. In the movie, she appeared playing about three scenes.

One of her recent production is Eniobanke, her second movie. She played the lead role.

In February 2020, Toro was working to shoot another move (her third). After the movie is shot, the name and characters would be announced.

Even after spending a few years in the entertainment industry, she couldn’t help but discover some challenges.

Toro mentioned two challenges including the sexualizing of women in the entertainment industry.

She told that many men and women think that actresses are sexual objects.

This thought of theirs makes them throw their advances at these public figures. Another challenge she noted was copyright.

Though she mentioned that there are roles she cannot take. Any role affecting her mental health or against what she stands for is a No-no!

Private Life

Toro Aramide husband

Toro Aramide is married and a proud mother of three lovely children. She is thankful for the support she receives from her family and also their understanding.

The actress however tries to strike a balance between her role as a mother and an actress.

Though according to the actress she cannot explain combining her role as a mother and wife with a career. 

Fashion sense

Everyone who knows this actress would believe that her fashion sense stands her out.

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She says that simplicity is what influences her fashion. She wants to be comfortable in whatever she puts on. Still the actress appear often in luxury outfits.


Toro is active on social media. On IG she boasts of over 42.k followers. She updates fans and followers through the platform on her career progress.